Adults Program

We know that adults have many options for their fitness and conditioning. With martial arts, not only do you get a great workout, but you also attain many mental benefits as well. More specifically, martial arts is a great way to increase your physical energy and mental clarity while simultaneously developing a calm inner confidence.

At our academy, we use the martial arts as a vehicle to develop the following mental benefits in adults:

- Higher Self-Esteem
- Increase in Confidence
- Greater Focus and Concentration
- Parenting Benefits (improving patience, emotional calm)
- Knowing You Can Defend Yourself in a Threatening Situation

At our academy, we use the martial arts as a vehicle to develop the following physical
benefits in adults:

- Increased Energy and Stamina
- Better Endurance and Cardiovascular Conditioning
- Greater Flexibility
- Improved Strength and Muscle Tone
- Weight Loss
- Stress Relief
- Fitness with a Purpose!


Women's Sushi & Self Defense*








An Invitation.....


Please join us Saturday, June 2th from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m.  


Topics to be Covered:


  • Tips on personal safety & awareness
  • How to be safe at home, at college or while traveling
  • Techniques to protect yourself


         Space Is Limited!!



Register Here:

Women's Sushi & Self Defense

Note: If you do not enjoy sushi, other delicious dishes will be provided! 

Kyuki-Do Martial Arts Academy

792 S. McLean Blvd
Elgin, Illinois 60123


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Register by May 17th and bring a friend for FREE!!




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